>Road Trip


Two weekends ago we spent five days or so out of town while we trekked to Hamilton, Montana for a family wedding. Noah’s cousin got married and we caravanned with his parents… making a stop in Spokane the first night to say hello to my mom and step-dad. The trip included a detour at my favorite chinese place in Spokane for some take-out, many, many pit-stops and gas-ups (we took 2 trucks… isn’t that economical? 🙂 It was comfortable though so we didn’t mind spending a bit more on gas). The whole trip was fun and I was really able to relax and take a breath after presenting my master’s project the week before. I did get a little sleep deprived… even owing apologies for some uncharacteristic fits of crankiness… so I was definitely ready to snuggle up at home by the end of our trip. Regardless, it was so exciting to visit a new place and take in the sights along the way. Here are a few shots from our trip plus a look at the natural beauty of “Big Sky Country”

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