>Baking Bears

>I meant to post this awhile back… but time has escaped me. We’ve been really busy lately. After graduating, there was a flurry of activity. Friends in town, Graduation weekend, followed by my birthday. Then more friends in town, the 4th of July, and then a wonderful trip to Maui. Now that we’re back, I’m working a short teaching job Monday through Friday for the next 4 weeks. Then I’ll go straight to my new permanent teaching job. It’s a good summer, but very busy!

So back to my original point… during the last few weeks of school, I was able to do some substitute teaching at the school I spent a lot of time at this year, which was so much fun. My first grade classroom from student teaching also wanted to celebrate my birthday! That meant I would get to bring treats in and see all of my students for one last time before school let out for the summer. I decided to make cupcakes, but wanted to be a little more creative than using the box mix and frosting I had in my pantry already… (a friend of mine did something similar for her son’s first birthday party) here is the result:

They are supposed to be bears… I think they turned out pretty cute! All of the kids really liked them. They also liked picking off the candies and altering the bears faces.
Besides chocolate cake and cream cheese frosting, I used:
-Brown sugar crystals
-Jelly Beans
-Milk and carmel chews
-Chocolate chips


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