>Wild animal week?

>I think I’ve seen my fair share of creepy crawly things this week. First of all, the slugs are out in force right now. Many people may already know that I have an unrealistic fear of slugs. I know they don’t really jump or bite, but I really hate them and hate being surprised when I walk out the door, turn a corner, or walk across the grass by a big slimy slug. Then, on Monday when I was on a run w/ the husb, we counted 6 snakes curled up in the grass on the side of the road. Oddly, they don’t strike the same level of fear and disgust that slugs do, but it was a little unnerving realizing how many snakes live in the wooded area surrounding our house.

Today, things took a little turn for the better. As Noah left for work, he ran back upstairs to show me who had wandered into the neighbor’s yard:

It was actually a little family of 3…. a mom and 2 little ones. We get deer that find their way into the area every once in awhile, but it always reminds me why I like living a little farther out from the bigger towns and cities. I hope they come back soon!


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