>Spring Break!

>I’m so excited to have a week off from my job and my 20 little darlings… okay so most of them are darling, and others are…hmm, I think I’ll stop my self there. I am actually very lucky to have a great group of kids and parents, not to mention a pretty good staff. I might do a little work here and there on planning out the next few weeks of school but otherwise I have no plans for this break. It is the best feeling! I got a good jump start to feeling more relaxed this evening though!

Noah and I went out and got a quick bite to eat before he had to go to work. Our little Mexican restaurant down the road is perfect for these types of occasions. I ate about half my meal and was stuffed! I joked with Noah about feeling a food coma coming on, and then we both joked about the term “food baby” (a term that is kind of funny and at the same time totally gross) When we got back, I laid down for a short nap around 5:45pm. I woke up at 10:00 completely confused as to what had happened. When I finally realized all of the who, what, when, where’s, etc. I had to laugh. I had been so excited when I got home about starting Spring Break, and then I start it all off with a 4+ hour nap! It’s also funny to me because while I have been stubborn lately ad not wanted to blame everything that I say, do, or feel on this little muffin growing inside of me, but there are just somethings that happen these days are so obviously pregnancy related. Lately, anytime I eat more than just a little for dinner, I crash completely!

So, the question was… do I just go back to sleep and hope I can sleep an additional 10 or more hours or get up for awhile? I tried to convince myself that it would work and I needed the sleep. After an hour or so of just laying there and thinking, and texting Noah at work in the dark, I realized it just wasn’t going to happen. Anyway I like to go to bed later and sleep in when I have any extended amount of time off because it aligns with Noah’s schedule, so I guess I’ll be well on my way after tonight!

And now to the coolest part: I’m laying there, thinking, relaxing, talking to Noah on and off… when I realized something was going on. It felt like there was a little something flipping over and over in my stomach. The more I laid there, completely still, the more I was convinced that I was feeling the baby move for the very first time. I was so excited! I wanted to stand up and shout for joy… run and tell everyone I know! I’ve had a couple times in the last few weeks where I would feel something and wonder, “is that…. ? hmmm, I dunno, maybe. Or maybe it’s just…?” but this time I was so much more sure. Some people say it feels like butterflies, and I can see why they say that but I don’t think I’d say it felt like “the fluttering wings of a precious butterfly.” C’mon, give me a break people! Sometimes those sappy comparisons just drive me crazy! If I had to liken it to anything, I’d have to say it felt like the cross between someone gently rolling a pair of dice inside my belly and a tiny mouse tumbling around in there. And I think that’s pretty close to it’s actual size right now. Right now our baby is about 4.5 inches long and 3 ounces in weight. His or her heart is pumping about 25 quarts of blood each day. We are at 16 weeks, hooray!

Anyway, so as more of my life changes and I prepare to have a son or daughter (TBA in about four weeks!) … there will be many more posts about “first this”, “first that”, and so much more. For now though, I am completely content and confident knowing that whatever is going on in there is miraculous to say the least.


One thought on “>Spring Break!

  1. >Wow, awesome!! It is a miracle… and so fun to be able to feel it. In a month or two Noah will be able to feel too and that is just crazy!So happy things are going well for you. Enjoy your break!

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