>Spring is actually here!

> I think I made the most of our beautiful weather yesterday:

1) I spent a few hours at Cafe Ladro reading. Right now I am reading From Beirut to Jerusalem, Secrets of the Baby Whisperer, and studying 1 Peter.
2) I bought some spring plants and flowers. This year I only bought plants good for full sun to go on our balcony because almost every year we have flowers and leaves get scorched because it gets so hot up there!
3) I planted those plants, got rid of dead plants, took inventory of the remaining pots and yay, time to go buy more plants today! It was so nice to be working outside. Here is the finished

Oregano and Lavender:

A bigger pot for our Japanese Maple and some colorful flowers :

4) I ate lunch outside on the balcony, soaking up some sun. Cut up the remaining strawberries in our fridge to share with Noah, delicious!
5) Took an hour nap… so nice!
6) Got up and met two friends at Greenlake. Of course it was packed! One friend brought her mom’s cute beagle and we walked all the way around. I’m not having many issues with pregnancy related fatigue or discomfort as of yet when I work out. The other girls are 24 and 28 weeks pregnant, and they did great!
7) Finished off the day with a late dinner at Tutta Bella. Pretty good although the pizza wasn’t as good as it has been in the past and I was freezing the whole time!
8) Late night organizing session, condensing stuff in our hall closet while watching lame shows on demand. I love organizing!

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