>Duvet Cover

>So what do you do when you’re out of ideas to pass the time and are 39.5 weeks pregnant? Make something, I guess.

I made this duvet cover last night.

I had an old plain white one that wasn’t going to cut it anymore, so I deconstructed it, and used part of it for the underside. I used a large piece of fabric I got at Target for the top. I was really hoping to get it done in one night, and I got pretty close. I finished the last little bit and did the button holes this morning. So start to finish was within 24 hours, which isn’t bad for me! I also bought one pillow case that matched the fabric (one was all they had, so it works out alright, I guess). The nice thing is that the fabric matches the sheets and curtains we already have, so I think the total cost on this project was under 14 bucks.

Alright, baby… only 3 more days till your due date. What are you thinking in there? Are you going to be early, on time, or late??????

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