>Catching up on past events

>A few weeks ago, Noah and I got all dressed up, and with some trepidation, left for a night in Seattle without Ethan. This was the last Friday in October, meaning Ethan was not even 4 weeks old… I had to stop myself from thinking that this made me a bad mom. It was an annual awards banquet we were obligated to go to, and as expected… we had a great time! I was very nervous to be away from Ethan for such an extended amount of time, but he was in great hands. Noah’s sister Roxanne (who’s new name of “Aunt Smee” is catching on quite quickly) came over, forgoing a day of work, and visited with us, helped us get ready and even brought some lovely hydrangeas too! It was so nice to have such a capable and trustworthy family member looking after Ethan, and I know leaving him will get easier with time. I think we all did great… no tears were shed on my part, or Ethan’s for that matter!


One thought on “>Catching up on past events

  1. >You and Noah look so cute in this picture. You are never a bad mom for leaving your child in an amazing persons care so you can have some time to yourself or some time with your husband. A bit of balanced time to yourself and with your husband is essential during the time and process of being a mom! I love the dress by the way!

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