>Cute Jammies / New Sling

>There is so much to be thankful for these days, but I honestly can’t get enough of this kid.

Cute moose jammies:
A picture with mom:
A new sling:

This sling is fast becoming a favorite item in our household. It saves me when Ethan just wants to be held close and there is laundry to be done, dishes to be washed, etc. This seems to happen most during the evenings when Noah’s at work. This has often meant that certain jobs get put off till the next day or…. hmm… who knows when! But Ethan loves his Lucky Baby Sling, I love how cute it looks, and most importantly, it helps to keep him calm and snoozing when there are things to do (like packing for Thanksgiving, which is what I have to do right after I finish writing this).

We are going out to Noah’s family’s place for Turkey day… which makes 3 weekends in a row of traveling! I am becoming quite a pro at figuring out what to pack, what baby gear we need, and how many diapers, outfits, etc. And going to visit family is worth it becuause it sure is fun to have everyone love on the baby. We are so glad that we’ll be sharing this holiday with family, and also will be missing others that we can’t be with too.
Happy Thanksgiving Friends and Family 🙂

3 thoughts on “>Cute Jammies / New Sling

  1. >I love it. He is so smiley! That sling is perfect. Josie still likes to sit in the hip carry in a similar sling while I get things done- keeps everyone happy!Happy Thanksgiving to you and your little family!

  2. >Have you tried a moby wrap? You could borrow mine if you'd like to try it – they're great for when they're a bit bigger. I even figured out how to nurse in mine. Let me know!

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