>When Dad dresses me

>I do love it that Noah enjoys spending time with Ethan. He’s the master burper, bather, and diaper changer and he really makes my job a lot easier by picking up the slack when my hands are full. The one caveat is when it comes to dressing Ethan, he seems a little lost. Now, this seems to be a recurring theme from the stories I hear from other friends about their husbands, so this isn’t intended to throw my hubby under the bus. If anything, I think it’s adorable.

Usually I just set out 2 or three outfits next to the changing table because a) its easy to grab if I need something quick b) if there’s something that he hasn’t worn yet or might grow out of soon, I might want him to get some wear out of a certain outfit and c) if Noah’s changing Ethan, he doesn’t have to guess on what will or won’t fit him, since there are different sized items in the dresser and I do most of the laundry, so I know what fits and what doesn’t.
Let’s just say that today, there weren’t any outfits set out. And while the pants and shirt weren’t the most complimentary to each other, I don’t really care. What did make me laugh was Ethan’s pants. Notice the tag:

Just the first of many dad inspired outfits. I wonder what other fashion statements we have to look forward to!


2 thoughts on “>When Dad dresses me

  1. >Ha ha! Yup, I think it's universal. Once, Eric purposely dressed Josie as kooky as he could after I had been teasing him about what he picked out, but honestly I didn't even blink after what he had dressed her in in the past, I'm totally used to my mismatched girl!

  2. >So cute! Dads dressing children is "new" styles is a common theme in our house. You should see a few of the outfits James has put our boys in to go to church. In the duration of the past year, I just think to myself mismatched help is better than no help, so I don't correct James on the outfits and I just let it be. I'll have to send you some Saturday and Sunday pictures of the James chosen outfits.

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