>I did not think this would happen so quickly


Haha, no… don’t jump to conclusions y’all.

It started when Noah asked me to fix a pair of his pants. I got out my sewing machine and sewing kit (some people have frilly sewing baskets, I use an old tool box)
Then something happened. What started as an innocent fix-it project turned into this:
And this:

And this:

Of course, in order for all this to happen, you need this:
I packed up my sewing stuff, quilting tools, fabrics neatly in bins last September, thinking it was possible I wouldn’t be pulling it out again for months??…. years??

But, I’m so glad that I’ve had the desire to jump into a new project (which has now become 3 different quilt projects, of course) and that Ethan is a relatively easy baby who will play with his toys on a blanket for a few hours in the evening while I can fuss over design, layout, piecing, etc.

I was inspired by this stacked coin quilt, and am hoping to do 3 different quilts based on this design.

So, while I didn’t think I’d be quilting again this soon… it feels good to be back in the swing of things.

2 thoughts on “>I did not think this would happen so quickly

  1. >Amazing. That you are so crafty, and that Ethan gives you the time to do that stuff! I finally got back to a bit of knitting and reading when Josie was 6 months and started to do better napping on her own, and it does feel SO GOOD to have a little something for yourself, doesn't it?

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