>Quick and Easy Dinners

>Well, that’s the name of the game in our house these days… either that or easy and looong (ie. something done in the slow cooker)

I really like fish, but am still in novice territory as far as cooking it in new ways… I think I have my teriyaki salmon recipe down pat (let me know if you’re interested) but that’s one of the only ways that the husb. and I both really enjoy…. until lately.

I’d like to introduce:

Southwestern Salmon

I made this as a sandwich… kind of po-boy meets Philly steak sandwich. However this stands well alone or with some rice or pasta.

Serves 4
4-six ounce salmon fillets. I cut mine into 6 ounce strips so they would fit on our hoagie rolls
1 green pepper, sliced into half rings
1 red pepper, sliced into half rings
You could slice up some onion rings too, but Noah doesn’t really like them, so I don’t
4 tbsp Italian dressing
2 tbsp water
Make a little spice rub for the salmon:
1tsp chili powder
1tsp dried cilantro
1tsp dried cumin
1tsp dried basil
½ tsp garlic powder
Salt and pepper to taste

Lay down some foil in a baking sheet, place the salmon down and sprinkle the mixed spices on the salmon. Give it a rub and a flip so both sides are seasoned.
Layer the peppers on top of the salmon
Drizzle the Italian dressing and water on top ( I just eyeball it… enough so the fish will stay moist.)
Seal the salmon up in the foil and bake for 40 minutes in a 350 degree oven.

The peppers are delicious with a melt in your mouth flavor and the salmon is spiced without being too spicy. I wished I had a nice glass of chardonnay to go with it. Bummer, maybe next time.

Now, if you’re adventurous enough to try a little something extra, (extra prep work AND extra calories), dress your sandwich with a fancy mayo:
Chipotle mayo: mix ½ tsp of chipotle pepper sauce (or adobo) to every 1 tbsp of mayo …a little goes a long way, and I just put the rest of the can in a ziploc and toss in the freezer so I can break off a chunk and thaw it the next time I need some.
Cilantro mayo: mix chopped fresh cilantro (a few stalks worth) for every 1 tbsp of mayo

Now, if I could just remember to grab my camera and take a picture of my food instead of the adorable 4 month old, we’d be in business.

What’s your quick and easy dinner?


One thought on “>Quick and Easy Dinners

  1. >I am always on the lookout for easy dinners. Latest one: take boneless chicken breast or thighs w/skin and put it in a baking dish. Sprinkle w/ salt and pepper and cover in dijon mustard. Pour white wine on top and bake until cooked at 350f–about 40 min. In a pan, mix a chicken bouillon cube with not much water and whisk in half a cup of sour cream. Heat for a few minutes, then pour into chicken dish and bake for another ten minutes. Aaron couldn't stop talking about it.

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