>Sleepy boy…. hmm, disregard that

>Ethan’s been peacefully sleeping for an hour and a half, which is great for him and great for me! He’ll usually only make it an hour at best, but I think it may have something to do with all the excitement of having Grandma and Grandpa Oberst visiting this weekend. (pics to follow)

I’ve been doing a terrible job of documenting all of Ethan’s milestones, stats, and jjjjjjshc zg]hhhhh KG NG
Hmm, well, the little boy is awake now and delightfully trying to type as I type too as you can see from the above lines.
The good news is that we are all happy and healthy here, now if the rain would break for a little bit, we could get outside in the BOB, which Ethan has taken to riding in quite happily.
cgghn ^^^^^^^ , says Ethan.

One thought on “>Sleepy boy…. hmm, disregard that

  1. >You've been doing a great job updating Ethan's milestones. Besides the best and most important part of parenting is spending time with your child and helping him develop… not keeping it recorded. Perhaps you should know this advice is from the mother and woman who still has not completed her son Gabriel's baby book. 😉

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