>Quick trip!


Ethan and I flew to Phoenix and back this week to see family and we had a great time!  Ethan loved meeting his Great, Great Aunt Millie as well as my dad's cousins.  (Yes I really do have a Great Aunt Millie!  It's gotta be the quintessential Great Aunt name.) 
Ethan also enjoyed some bonding time with his grandpa!
Unfortunately I packed in quite a hurry.  I woke up on Monday and quickly realized that my flight was TODAY, not Tuesday like I thought. So I threw what I could into a bag, packed some snacks for Ethan, and Noah helped us get everything into the car and we sped off toward the airport, baby still in footie jammies.  Luckily I made it with plenty of time to spare.  Hmmm, did I actually just admit to this?
Well, needless to say,  I forgot a few items including my camera so this is all I have until I can steal some from my dad. 
Ethan was a perfect travel companion, sleeping for 90 minutes of the 3 hour flight each way! He charmed everybody and also was a champion eater whether on the go or in a restaurant (picture above).


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