>"Our" Farm


While we don’t have space for all of the dogs/gardens/animals we’d like… my in-laws are so sweet to involve us in their adventures. It’s the perfect antidote, and yes, I use the term “our” loosely. Here are the newest additions to “our” family farm:

I’m so glad they wanted to get them on a day we were visiting!

Ethan has a new word added to his growing vocabulary… “cuuuue!” (cute).

2 ducklings and 6 baby chicks, and it’s true they are just too cute for words!

Ethan’s in love…

…and so are we.


One thought on “>"Our" Farm

  1. >we are headed to my parents this weekend, and their chickens have babies, too! I can't wait to see Josie with them, hopefully she won't squeeze them to death!

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