baby girl accessories

So we’ve been blessed to receive some really nice clothes for our baby girl, both new and handed down, but I realized I don’t have many cute accessories for her. Etsy has some amazing headbands and hats that I adore… here are some of my favorites:

This got me to thinking that I must be able to make something similar. Well, who am I kidding, at least half as cute would work for me! So I got online and found a wholesale site that sells all the pieces I would need. The box just arrived today, so it’s time to get my glue gun out and assemble them.  Hopefully they will be cute… if I go M.I.A. it’s because either:
1) I’ve burned too much flesh off my fingers to type,
2) have thrown them off our deck in sheer frustration, or
3) have shed a puddle of tears on them while trying to put them together, ruining them completely.


5 thoughts on “baby girl accessories

  1. Honey, I have complete faith in your crafty abilities. They will come out perfect! Can’t wait to see the pictures! Love you…Mom

  2. Hi Kristin! Love your new blog page! I updated my links to be able to follow it from here now. =] Good luck on the baby girl accessories! You’re pretty talented in the craft dept., so I’m sure you’ll put your own spin on these ideas and they’ll turn out beautiful! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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