headbands. flowers. bows.

All of these things were not in my regular vocabulary until lately.  Especially when it comes to wardrobe choices.  For my son, specifically, and even to some extent for me.  So I’ve embraced my girly side since finding out we’re having a daughter, and realized this baby needs some baby girl accessories.  Here are the results of my little DIY project.

Headbands. Flowers. Bows.

Some of my favorites…

The last one still needs to be attached to a piece of skinny elastic, but has a temporary home on that cute little pink hat.  Oh for the love of all things frilly and pink.  I’ve even found myself buying more girly things for myself lately.  Then, I thought, “Uh-Oh. Am I digging myself a frilly, pink grave that I won’t ever be able to get out of?”

I didn’t have a particularly frilly upbringing.  Yes there were bows, frills, and the occasional pink party dress…. but by and large my mom and dad didn’t push the pretty pretty princess mantra on me.  There have been a few articles lately talking about the ways in which we tend to treat and respond to little girls.  Has anyone else read How to Talk To Little Girls? So while yes, my daughter will have her share of pink and flowers and bows, I couldn’t agree more with the author, Lisa Bloom, and I should probably read her entire book, Think: Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbed-Down World.  It might be one for late night nursing!  Anyway, back to my parents.  They acknowledged and valued my girly interests as well as my intellect in a healthy balance.  I’m so thankful for who they raised me to be, and they can definitely take the credit for how I turned out.  Well, if they want to, I guess… I know you’re reading mom!  xoxo for being my biggest fan.


One thought on “headbands. flowers. bows.

  1. I love your cute little projects for your sweet daughter…I had faith that you could do it! While I didn’t dress you in a lot of frills, your most frilly dresses were your red Christmas dress (6 mo.) and a blue frilly one when you were four. So not so much frilly pink! (Hey, I might still have those dresses for you to use! Tee hee!) Thank you for appreciateing the balance we raised you with…remember, you did have a remote control car as well as an “American Girl” doll. I am pleased to take credit for how you turned out…I AM your biggest fan and I trust you know that I would do ANYTHING for you! xoxox Mommy

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