getting caught up



There’s been a multitude of events going on around here lately, and I hope to get caught up on things soon. Mostly, we’ve been tackling a lot of these…


let’s just say this already sleep-deprived mama of 2 has had her hands full this past month moving, unpacking, organizing, hosting out of town guests, and road tripping to the san juan’s to be a bridesmaid in one of my best friend’s wedding…. all while doing my best to spend time with my hh (handsome hubby) and keep a toddler and newborn alive and well… whew.  I need a nap.  no seriously, I do.


So anyway, in our *leisure time* we’ve been exploring our new little town and is it fabulous.  Did I mention we are 10 minutes away from the sound?

Yikes, that boy needs a haircut!



2 thoughts on “getting caught up

  1. You have been one busy momma! I love these pictures! I remember taking James there as a toddler. I love the picture of Ruby in the belly pack. She is so precious!

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