and we partied on…

Just a few pictures from Ethan’s 2nd birthday party.  He talked about his upcoming “FOOTBAAAALLL PARTY!!” for at least two weeks prior, and by the time the day came, he was ready and excited!  We started out with a room full of ballons for E to wake up to:

Later on in the day, we barbecued, played, sang, and thankfully, we managed to not get rained out!Ethan liked opening presents, but really liked help from Dad and friends:

Thanks to all the friends and family who came and made him feel like the two-year-old rockstar that he is!


One thought on “and we partied on…

  1. I haven’t checked my blog in a while… But finally catching up on blogs now. Ethan is so adorable!!! I can’t believe how much he looks like Noah! You all are amazing parents. He is such a lucky and well loved little boy (as it should be). 🙂

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