brotherly love

some older siblings want to hold their baby brothers and sisters.  not ethan.  he likes his distance.  we’ve asked him if he wants to hold ruby, and the answer is always no.  i’ve even attempted to place him on her lap  (whoops!) her on his lap… you know, for that perfect photo op., but he has wanted nothing to do with holding her.  don’t get me wrong… ethan’s always been good with his baby sister, but he’s not like some older siblings who want to tote their baby brother or sister around everywhere.

well, there’s been a bit of a change:  in the past week or two, he’s taken more of an interest in her.  in fact, dare i say, he’s he’s starting to really like her.  he loves talking to her, making her laugh, dancing for her, and giving her the sweetest big-brother kisses.  but yesterday, for the first time, (yes, it’s taken 4 months) he decided on his own that he wanted to hold her.

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so I’ll never have that perfect picture of ethan holding his newborn sister, but this is just as sweet, and perhaps even more so since he came up with the idea all by himself.


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