little girl’s crib

why is this little girl so happy?

It could be because there were bigger fish to fry in 2011, and so for the first 5 months of her life, she did not have a matching crib linens.  Don’t you know that everything is better with coordinating bedding? Her crib situation had been sorely neglected, so the look on her face will certainly tell you how happy she is now!  I had made a small quilt for her ages ago.  I ended up loving it so much that I realized I wanted to do more with similar fabrics and design her side of the room to go with the darling fabrics from that line.   I’ve slowly worked on her cute little crib (which was once her brother’s) to make it hers.

What would I do without Pinterest?  I found a tutorial for a simple crib skirt with a little box pleat in the front and I was finally inspired to finish my to-do list for Ruby’s crib.  The best part is that it’s only covering the front and the left side which was less work overall, and it’s secured with velcro strips directly onto the metal mattress frame!  So when I have to lower the mattress in a few months, I can adjust the panels by moving them up and secure them with the velcro again under the mattress.  Easy Peasy… done and done.

oh dear, this picture kills me.  did you know miss r has an octopus for a twin?

it’s one of the many good things about being “snowed in.”  …back burner projects finally get completed.


she rolls

baby girl is on the move! 

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she started rolling from her back to her tummy right around new years… she still gets stuck and has difficulty rolling back to her back again, which ( i think ) is the opposite way most babies learn to roll and flip, but she’s doing great and loving her increased mobility!

toes are also really tasty

curtains for mom

My mom and step-dad have a little bathroom window at their place that was in need of some type of window covering.  I found some adorable coordinating fabrics and made two small panels with tie-backs and a ruffle at the bottom and packaged them up in time for Christmas.  They’re lined, so they have a finished look on both sides, and it was my first time adding a ruffle to curtains!  I didn’t take many of pictures before shipping them off, so I’m hoping to get a picture of it this spring when we visit and it’s hung in its proper place… but for now here’s a sneak peek:

geo print with a ruffle

The fabrics are from Denyse Schmidt’s line of fabric that is sold at Joann’s.  I find that Joann’s fabric quality is hit and miss, but their premium and designer collections are much better.  Now, combined with a Black Friday sale and 50% off coupon, the material was quite a steal!  And I love the colors.  The main fabric is cream with a geometric print in olive and navy/gray.  The ruffle and tie-backs are the same dark blue/gray and it goes with the existing decor, but adds a cute retro look.  I can’t wait to see how it looks at their place!

snowed in


alright, so we’re snowed in, although not in the true sense… we’re lucky to have four wheel drive cars, and if we needed to go out and about, we could… but we’re in Seattle, so nearly everything shuts down with even a dusting.  So I’m using this snow day to get caught up on   this blog, and post about the holidays, recent projects, etc.  Don’t you love how peaceful our back yard looks?

Stay tuned, and keep warm and cozy, friends!


brotherly love

some older siblings want to hold their baby brothers and sisters.  not ethan.  he likes his distance.  we’ve asked him if he wants to hold ruby, and the answer is always no.  i’ve even attempted to place him on her lap  (whoops!) her on his lap… you know, for that perfect photo op., but he has wanted nothing to do with holding her.  don’t get me wrong… ethan’s always been good with his baby sister, but he’s not like some older siblings who want to tote their baby brother or sister around everywhere.

well, there’s been a bit of a change:  in the past week or two, he’s taken more of an interest in her.  in fact, dare i say, he’s he’s starting to really like her.  he loves talking to her, making her laugh, dancing for her, and giving her the sweetest big-brother kisses.  but yesterday, for the first time, (yes, it’s taken 4 months) he decided on his own that he wanted to hold her.

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so I’ll never have that perfect picture of ethan holding his newborn sister, but this is just as sweet, and perhaps even more so since he came up with the idea all by himself.

curtain fever

wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve said much on here, but there’s been lots going on, that’s for sure.  There have been trips to two sets of grandparents, parties to plan and parties to attend, thanksgiving at our house, and so on and so on.  but between all the busy-ness, there has been curtain making.  lots and lots of curtain making.  I took a break from quilting and dove into the world of home decor fabric.  so now I can say I’ve made black-out curtains, lined curtains, curtains with grommets, curtains with tie-backs, and curtains with ruffles!  (whew!) alright shall I continue?  …curtains for itty bitty windows, and floor-to-ceiling panels… curtains for me, curtains for my babies, curtains for family…  and now? well, i’m exhausted.  and I don’t want to make curtains again for awhile.  but, I’ll post some pictures soon :-{)

coffee table fever

yes, very exciting* things happening are around here.  Anyway, in a nutshell, my mind seems to wander to the subject of “new coffee table” on a daily basis.  We need something different… that fits in with the feel of the rest of the house (think retro/ 60’s).  But here’s the main reason: our current coffee table (seen in this photo)contributed to this injury (eye) a while back, and frankly, I just don’t want another black mark on my record as “bad mom who owns dangerous furniture/household items”

That being said, here are some that I like.  Some cheap, some expensive, some too dark or too light.. but all good jumping off points.  My only requirements are 1) sturdy and 2) minimal sharp corners/death traps.  Please feel free to weigh in here because I can’t seem to make up my mind!  Or perhaps I haven’t found the right one!?

VEJMON Coffee table, black-brown Diameter: 35 3/8 " Height: 18 1/2 "  Diameter: 90 cm Height: 47 cm

ikea - not oval and kind of dark


Crate & Barrel $799 - too expensive

pretty, not very practical

IKEA STOCKHOLM Coffee table, golden brown Length: 66 7/8 " Width: 23 5/8 " Height: 17 3/4 "  Length: 170 cm Width: 60 cm Height: 45 cm

Ikea - fun 60's feel... but flimsy?

Seriously people, I need some direction.  And I’d like to move on to bigger and better things than “coffee table fever.”

*and by exciting, I mean not really =)