little miss observant

Ruby is really getting the hang of tummy time.  She loves checking out the quilt and toys in her crib, and she’s been smiling and cooing at us a lot too!


modern baby blanket

When I bought these bold prints a while back, I knew I’d use them for a baby boy project… so when I found out Emily, an old roommate of mine, was expecting a little boy this winter, I got started and had a lot of fun doing a quick little project (my first since Ruby made her debut)!  I think he’ll look great snuggled up in it.  Emily and Scott live in St. Louis, so I made it a little thicker for those cold winters, quilted it with uneven/ wonky straight lines and used a satin blanket binding… a first for me.  I used this tutorial for attaching the binding and it worked perfectly! Here are some pictures:

Packed up and ready to go!  Emily & Scott, best wishes as you welcome your little boy into your family! xoxo.

what the heck am i doing?

With four weeks left (give or take) until our baby girl arrives, I find myself in full nesting mode… trying to get every unfinished project finished. Bedroom re-do is not anywhere close to what I’d like it to be, but it’s at a decent stopping point at least. There are babyclothes washed and ready, but other than that I have plenty of things to do baby-wise. Maybe I should pack a bag for the hospital, perhaps? So, in the midst of crossing items off the to-do list, I decided to give another big push towards finishing my red, white, blue quilt. It’s large, there are lots of blocks, I’m not really loving it yet, and as I’m furiously sewing and ironing I keep thinking, “What the heck am I doing?” I’ll post a little more on the evolution of this quilt at a later date, but here was the state of my living room floor last night:

Yep, that’s 130 disappearing nine-patch blocks that need to be sewn together if you took the time to count (not that you would).   I need to get them sewn together ASAP so I can finish the quilt top… which is the bare minimum of what I’d like to get accomplished before this baby arrives, but I think I can get farther than that.

Noah’s reaction when he came home from work was priceless, “holy s, girl… you’re sure going for it.”  Yep.  I sure am.

In other “What the heck am I doing” news, I’ve been working on switching our blog from Blogger to WordPress… the reason for which deserves it’s own post all together.  So thanks for reading this on this new site!  Stay tuned!

Stacked Coins – Take Two

This is the second stacked coins quilt I have finished, and boy are they different from each other! This one’s been finished for a few months, but I thought I’d put some pictures up.

The fabrics are some Amy Butler fabrics that I had been saving for the right project, and when I first spotted that gray solid (Kona Cotton Solids – Medium Grey) I knew I wanted to try something with a dark background.

It is so different from the traditional colors and cream colored sashing on the quilt that I made for my grandparents.

Anyway, I tried a lot of new things on this quilt…. nothing too fancy, but stuff I’ve wanted to try out but never had the courage to take on:

1) Straight line quilting. I was sick of stitch-in-the-ditch quilting, and had always been scared of trying any other type like free motion or straight lines. I also don’t have a walking foot attachment for my machine, which is supposed to make the whole process easier. I was surprised to realize that it was much easier than I thought it would be and I really enjoyed designing where to put the lines and making precise lines throughout the quilt.

2) Pieced quilt back. This is a really popular thing to do in modern quilting. I was taught to quilt by a wonderful family friend who makes lovely quilts, but they are more traditional and I hadn’t been introduced to this idea until recently. Putting in a strip of the extra Amy Butler fabrics gave the back some character, and it worked well with the blue flannel I had purchased.
3) Binding with scraps. I’ve only used one continuous design before for all of my previous quilts. When it came to binding this quilt, I didn’t have enough of a single fabric to do the whole thing, and I didn’t feel like buying more, so I started doing the math to see if I could make enough binding out of my leftover Amy Butler Lotus fabric. Hooray! There was enough! Here’s the best quilt binding tutorial I always refer to.
So there it is! I think it’s my favorite quilt to date. I bought the fabric when Ethan was just a newborn, so I’ll probably give it to him someday…. but I think I’ll hold onto it for myself fo a little while 🙂