>Really Behind!

>There has been so much going on during the past month, and yet I’ve had no time to update on here! I’m thinking that this will all change in the next few days for two main reasons:

1) We’ve been moving furniture around to make space for baby Ethan’s arrival. Our computer is now in our bedroom and that is also where our air conditioner currently is. Needless to say I’ve been spending less time in our main living area and much more time in the bedroom. Maybe that will prompt me to blog/download all of the photos from our past 3 or 4 major vacations and events.

2) I have been without a car for the last 6 days! Breaking down out of town on one of the hottest days of the year was NOT a fun ordeal. I was even stuck over in the south sound area (Olympia/Shelton) for 3 of those days. Side note: I was staying with my in-laws, so they rescued me from a gas station on 101 and made life much more bearable even though I really just wanted to be home! Now that I am home, I’ve gotten used to life without a car (it’s still in repair shop limbo)… and while I’m frustrated with the dealership and their shenanigans, I don’t really mind being carless because I’ve been getting so much done around here!