a family fourth

Just a few belated pictures from our Fourth of July weekend spent with family. The weather was fabulous, and Ethan enjoyed the unending love and attention from his mimi and poppa, and Aunt Sme (“smee”…Noah’s longstanding nickname for his fantastic sister)

Ethan spent most of the weekend being a complete ham.

A lot of time is spent out on the patio during the summer sunbathing, barbecuing, and partying…

Delicious food

Ethan could not be bothered to look at the camera.  Max wins every time.

Then there were other family members and friends stopping by.  Add to that: two lovable dogs, some farm animals, swimming, and a garden to dig in, and it was a weekend that will not be soon forgotten.



>How could I forget to take pictures of Ethan’s first Thanksgiving!!?! We slept in a little later than anticipated, packed our bags, and braved Thanksgiving day traffic and drove to Noah’s family’s house. After quite a long drive, we arrived at Noah’s Grandparents house, and left our camera in the truck. From there on out, the thought didn’t even cross my mind, and the truth is that Ethan slept through most of the evening. I did manage to get a great shot of Ethan and Roxanne the next day… sooo, sorry Ethan, this is the closest thing to a picture of your first Thanksgiving: