getting ready to be a big brother

This picture just melts my heart.  Ethan is doing well adjusting to the idea of having a baby in the family… at least from what I can tell.  I know it will be a whole other story once she actually arrives.  My mom brought over two of the baby dolls that I had as a little girl, and he likes playing with them and taking care of them.  Although, I’m pretty sure that in this picture, his thumbs are poking “baby’s” eyes out.  Oh well, we’ll work on it.

Look at my two handsome boys.  I could just eat them up.


beach vacation

During our trip to Cannon Beach this week, Ethan experienced many exciting firsts… exploring tidepools, running barefoot in the sand, throwing rocks into the surf, and the highlight had to have been (well it was for me at least!), building his first sandcastle:

Ethan loved playing in it more than anything, but soon found joy in destroying it… all part of the fun! Watching Noah work to build something special for his little boy was so endearing.

The entire trip was wonderful… not a bad moment the whole time. Ethan seems to be at the perfect traveling age and he played hard and slept hard. I can’t even count all the new words he’s adding to his vocabulary, but during our trip he added bicycle, beach, run, and yes (all said quite emphatically!) to name a few. It was great to get in one more family trip before we have to stick around closer to home with the upcoming arrival of our baby girl! Less than 7 more weeks until July 26th!

>My boys


I am usually the first in our family to grab the camera and start snapping. This means that we end up with an uneven amount of pictures of Ethan with his daddy in comparison with pictures of me with Ethan. I’m not complaining though… and here are some favorites of Noah and Ethan together: