many faces

ruby has been so expressive lately, smiling and cooing, yawning and squawking

why hello, big brother…


>One month later… welcome Ethan!


Life is busy and wonderful with a newborn! Our time with Ethan has been so precious and we just love how much joy he has brought into our lives. So while it’s been all too long since I’ve written anything on this site, it’s been out of complete selfishness. Yes, life is busy, and the days are full, but mostly I’m soaking up the time getting to know our little son and enjoying our family as it feels even more complete with this new life. Ethan, you are the sweetest little boy and I’m so glad I’m your mom.
So, I’m hoping to post much more frequently and even get caught up on all that has been happening in the past month. Also,thanks to my friend Stephanie for taking these amazing pictures.

>I love summer flowers

>Noah and I went to a friend’s wedding today in La Conner, WA and it was a beautiful day to drive up there. The wedding was at a gorgeous rose garden. I was of course smitten with the dahlias, because, well… I have a thing for them. I used them in my wedding, I usually plant them each year, and I just love how they look. I would have taken more photos, but Noah is not as snap-happy as I am and there was only so much time we could spend away from the other wedding events. Congrats Natalee and Scott!

And finally, an obliging husband! 🙂