>A fun week!


Weeks left of teaching:
One 4-day week
Two 5-day weeks
One 3-day week
Hooray! I couldn’t be more excited. In addition to counting down the days (17) I just can’t wait to transition out of teacher life and focus on enjoying the summer, going on a few short vacations, and getting ready for our baby!

Even though I’m excited for the end of school, it hasn’t kept me from enjoying work in the meantime. This week, we enjoyed a surprise event where five Seattle Mariner’s and the Mariner Moose came to our school for an assembly.

Then, on Thursday, the entire second grade (over 100 kids) went on a field trip to the Woodland Park Zoo. The kids were so cute and just loved seeing all the animals we’ve learned about over the year.
Unfortunately, I woke up today with no voice and my sore throat worse than it’s been all week. So I thought, “what the heck, I might as well use one more sick day since I’ll lose my accrual at the end of the year.” The nice thing about this was that I got to see Noah for a bit. He’s had so much overtime this month, which is great, but sometimes I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen him awake (he comes home about an hour before I have to get up for work, and has been leaving before I get home). Then, Roxanne and Dawn came over and we all got to go to my ultrasound. My doctor originally ordered this extra u/s to make sure our little guy was growing at the right rate after our last ultrasound gave some smaller measurements. They also said they might change my due date if neccessary. After looking, it looks like they are going to keep my due date at September 24th, but based on the baby’s size and gestational age, we could be looking at as late as an early October baby… whoa!
Overall, there are no concerns which was wonderful news. We also had the best radiologist today who was so kind and explained to all of us what we were seeing as she looked at the baby. When she couldn’t get a good measurement of his head, she had me get up walk around and jump around a little so he would try to get him to move from his previous position. Sure enough, it worked and we got all of the remaining data the doctor needed. Hooray! Cute little baby feet: